Today we're going to go over setting the Internal and External Midi Clocks for your various Headrush FX Boards. Before we start you're going to need Midi Cables for any external clock adjustments. One of the more powerful abilities the Headrush FX boards have are the ability to sync up time based effects to the tempo of the song. This is extremely useful for effects like echo or tremolo to give a unique sound to your song dialed directly into the speed it is supposed to be set to. The subdivisions of these effects repeats can be found in your individual pedals settings on the board.

The Internal Midi Clock

The internal midi clock on the board is set one of two ways- In both scenarios you're going to want to head into hardware assign mode, then make sure your Tempo is set to Current so that you can manually adjust the BPM. If you know your exact tempo you want to be at, you only need to make sure the that you tap on the number and turn the Push to Enter knob until it's at the number you want, then push to enter. If you don't, you still will tap the number on your screen, but instead you're going to tap the tempo foot switch(switch 2 on the MX5, 3 on the Gigboard). As soon as it's dialed in, you're done!

Please note that the internal midi clock will be sent out to other devices from your board.

External Midi Clocks

The units can also receive a midi clock via midi ports and midi cables; for example from a DAW where a keyboard player is operating out of or a studio manager is handling recording. This is set up by going into your global settings and turning on the Receive Midi Clock. From there you would go into hardware assign mode and set the tempo to Fixed instead of Current. This will override your rig's tempo with information coming from your clock source as long as the clock is playing.

If you then set the Midi Thru to on in your global settings, you can then send the clock out to another device via the Headrush's Midi Out.

If you are still having trouble with your Headrush's Midi Clock function, please use the New Support Ticket button at the top to contact our support team for further assistance.