Dry Mic is a great new feature of the Headrush Prime board, allowing users to run their microphone signal while using guitar rigs. This is handy for users who want foot control over the sound of their mic, and users who need to be able to talk to the audience in live situations without having to have a dedicated mixer input for it.


Setting Up Dry Mic

To begin, you're going to want to use the 1/4 inch input labeled GUITAR IN for your guitar, and the MIC IN combination input for your microphone, then boot up the Headrush Prime and call up your guitar rig. From here, if you're using a Condenser Mic, you'll want to go to Global Settings and make sure to turn on Phantom Power. 

In addition, before you leave the global settings you'll want to set where the Vocal Dry Out outputs to, that way if using a guitar amplifier you can make sure your mic isn't running through that.

After this, head into the menu using the menu icon in the top left and tap Mic Dry Out to further edit the parameters of this feature, and from there tap the Mic on to activate this feature.

My Dry Mic is feeding back even though my Rig's Gate Threshold is higher than the input.

The Dry Mic has its own Gate Threshold inside the Mic Dry Out configuration screen of the menu. Please make sure that your gate is over the threshold of passive sound coming into the microphone when not being used and the gate should take care of your feedback.

Can I get a Dry signal out of a Vocal/Combination Rig?

Yes! This is especially handy for using a mic for post-production processing so that in the studio, you can have an output dedicated to your dry vocal for mixing and mastering. Your dry mic volume is then instead handled by the Output Block, in the Dry Vol parameter. 

Please make sure you're dedicating an output directly to the vocal dry output when using in this scenario, as any FX that may be on the "wet" signal may have gain that will overshadow the dry.

You will not need to press a Mic switch in this scenario because the microphone is already on.

If you are still having trouble with your Prime's Dry Mic function, please use the New Support Ticket button at the top to contact our support team for further assistance.