It's always best practice to keep your Sheeran Looper+ updated to the most current firmware to take advantage of the newest features and stability improvements. This guide and video serve to walk you through the process step-by-step.

Video Walkthrough


Preparing to Update

Back Up Saved Content

Before updating your Looper +’s firmware, be sure to back up any loops, backing tracks, FX presets, and other saved files to your computer or an external storage device. For step-by-step instructions, please reference the Looper+ FAQ and your user manual. As well, you can view a video tutorial of the process by visiting the following link: Sheeran Looper +   Backing Up Loops (

Download and Unzip the Firmware Updater Application

Prior to beginning the update process, we must ensure that the requisite files are available and correctly prepared. Please follow these steps to do so:

  1. In your web browser, go to 
    • You can also navigate to this webpage automatically by scanning the QR code found on your Looper+’s Quickstart Guide and product box.
  2. Under LOOPER+, click FIND OUT MORE to arrive at the SUPPORT & DOWNLOADS page for the Looper+.
  3.  You’ll notice a section in the lower right corner for registering your Looper to your inMusic profile. We highly recommend registering your Looper to stay up-to-date on future feature updates, tutorials, announcements and more. 
    • If you haven't yet registered your Looper+ to your inMusic Profile, please follow the steps in the following guide to complete the process: How do I register my product?
  4. At the top of the page, you’ll see download links for the latest Looper + firmware for both macOS and Windows computers. Click the link for your computer’s operating system to begin downloading.
    • If you’re using a Windows computer, be sure to also click the download link for the Looper+ PC Driver. This driver needs to be installed on your computer for it to be able to communicate with your Looper.
  5.  Since the Firmware Updater will download as a .zip file on both macOS and Windows, you’ll need to unzip it before running the software later. 
    • On macOS, simply double-click the .zip file, and the Firmware Updater will be automatically unzipped in the same location.
    • On Windows, double-click the .zip file to open it, then click & drag the contained .exe file to your Desktop or other location on your hard drive.
      • Once the .exe file has copied, double-click it, then follow the installation prompts to get the Firmware Updater installed on your computer.
      • Don’t forget to do the same for the Windows driver — double-click the downloaded .zip file, extract the contained .exe file, then double-click the .exe file and follow the prompts to install the driver. The driver must be installed before attempting to update your Looper’s firmware.


Power On and Connect your Looper+

Now that the Firmware Updater is ready to go, let’s get your Looper+ powered on and connected to your computer. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. The Looper + comes with four AA batteries. Simply open the battery compartment on the bottom of the Looper +, insert the batteries as shown, then close the battery compartment. Alternatively, you can connect a compatible DC adapter (sold separately) to power the unit from the wall. Please reference your User Guide's technical specifications page and the Looper+ FAQ for specific compatibility guidelines in regard to DC adapters.
  2. Next, press the POWER button and wait until the display says READY.
  3. Grab a USB-B -> USB-A/C (sold separately) and connect the USB-B end into the USB port on the rear panel, then connect the USB-A/C end to an available USB port on your computer.
    •  We recommend plugging the USB cable directly into one of your computer’s built-in USB ports; USB extension cables and hubs may slow the rate of data transfer.

Performing the Firmware Update

Step-by-Step Procedure 

  1. So, without further ado, let’s update the firmware!
    • On macOS, double-click the unzipped .dmg file, then double-click Sheeran Looper+ Firmware Updater.
    • On Windows, you can open the installed Firmware Updater by locating it in theApps section of the Windows menu. 
  2. The Updater will recognize your Looper + and list the firmware point version that’s currently installed on it. Compare the version number shown on the updater to that shown on your Looper+ to confirm the version you've currently installed versus the version you are about to install.
  3. Click UPDATE FIRMWARE, and the update process will begin. DO NOT to unplug the USB cable or power off your Looper + or computer during the update process.
  4. Once the new firmware is installed, your Looper+ will reboot, and the Updater will confirm that the firmware has been successfully updated and that you can exit the application.
    • You can double-check that the new firmware version is installed on your Looper + by pressing & holding the encoder to open the MENU, then scroll until ABOUT appears, then press the encoder.

With that, your firmware update is now complete! For additional tutorials and technical support resources for Sheeran Looper products, please visit www.sheeranloopers/com/support.