In exploring and creating tracks, mistakes happen. Its simple enough to dig through some folders, hit the wrong switch or tap the wrong thing and suddenly you're missing something you need for a performance. In this article, we'll be talking about what to do if you're missing an FX Preset and how to restore them.

The first step you're going to want to do is backup your board. connect up the Looper X via USB, then go into your menu screen and press the File Transfer option. From there, make a folder on your desktop, and copy the contents of the Looper X into it for safe keeping. Feel free to delete out the FX folder from the backup since that is what we are restoring. We would recommend backing up the board on a semi-regular basis, just to make sure you have your work kept in check.

From there, please feel free to sync back the Looper X and turn it off. From here, you're going to want to hold down the MODE and FUNCTION foot pedals as you turn on the board, keeping them held down until the screen gives a REVERTING message. You can then release the pedals.

After this, your FX presets should be returned to their proper place. Please note that by doing this process you'll need to reset your Global settings, so please make sure to re-setup all your functions. Any loop settings are safely still saved within the loop files, which should come back after you load your backup to the board. To do so, just reconnect the board in File Transfer mode, and paste in your backup minus the FX folder back to the board. 

For more information on resetting up your global settings, please see our Sheeran Looper X | First Time Recording Setup Guide