The Headrush community is an active, bunch that share Rigs between one another over forums, social media, our Headrush Cloud, and even sell them via third parties. It's a valuable resource to be able to share, modify and actively work towards creating new tones for one another.

Occasionally while loading a new rig, you may find that your IR block has a red ? on it. Often this will have affected the tone of the rig itself. This is a sign that the IR loader cannot find the IR associated with that rig, and rather than load a default IR, it is taking that opportunity to inform you so that you can make the necessary change to relink the IR file and get everything working correctly.

To get this working, the first thing you will want to do is to double tap the IR block in the rig, and see if it lists the IR that it is looking for. Often this is listed inside either the Preset or IR drop downs. Take a note of what that is without tapping it, as tapping will bring up the file browser and begin the process or replacing it.

From there, you'll want to verify that the IR file is located on your board. If not, you'll want to drop it into your Impulse Responses>User folder using the USB File Transfer mode. If you do not have the IR file, please reach out to the Rig's maker. 

From there, you'll simply want to make sure you go back to the IR, tap the IR File drop down and navigate to your user folder, then select the IR you need. After you've selected this, back out to the Rig screen and save, which will permanently log the IR's new location to your rig.

This process of selecting the IR file can also be used to replace the IR if for example the Rig's creator did not have permission to share the IR.

If you are still having trouble with your Headrush FX's functions, please use the New Support Ticket button at the top to contact our support team for further assistance.