One of the more unique features for the Looper + is the ability to call up loops from an external device by using a Program Change to the board. In this article, we'll talk about how to set that up so that calling up different loops will be a breeze for a live performance.

A program change message is used to change the instrument / patch / sound, or the program. In this case, the message is used to call up different loops inside the board. Like all midi messages, it purports to a series of values between 0-127.

To begin, you'll need to save loops to one of the 128 (0-127) user slots, which will show up as numbered folders in the file browser when the Looper + is connected to your computer.  Alternately you can drop compatible .WAV files into the board in any of the numbered folders. Please note that any program change that is pulled up without audio inside the folder will not load.

From there, you will need to go into the settings on the Sheeran Looper + by holding down the encoder knob to get into the menu, then selecting MIDI. You'll want to specify the incoming message location (USB or 1/8" in), the midi channel(if using a DAW, you may need to specify a midi channel instead of using OMNI) and then turn ON external control.

From there, it is as simple as sending the Program Change message with the MSB and LSB message both set to 000. When sent, it will have the same message as using the load function through the menu, allowing you to use different messages to create a playlist for performances through the board. 

Please note that for the MIDI DIN-1/8 in., you will need a Type A connector. This port is an input only and will not pass signals to other devices. For more information on Midi Control, please see Pages 17, 19 and 20 of the user guide.